Candidate testimonials

Here are some of the latest comments and testimonials from our candidates and contractors:

“CK Clinical is one of the best if not the best recruitment agencies I have come across to date. No messing around.”

“CK Clinical are able to offer the high levels of service that they do (is a well-organised agency) because the company director and staff have experience of actually working within the industry.”

“CK Clinical seem to take a genuine interest in their contractors than most other agencies,  we usually get a welcome card for every new placement, Christmas, Easter cards, CK Clinical don’t have to do this, but it does make a difference.”

“CK Clinical Consultants takes the time to come and see us a number of times through out the year and also phones regularly.”

“I believe they always ensure that contractors get the best rates.”

“CK Clinical are able to place their contractors or permanent staff at top companies because they have a good working relationship with these organisations and always supply very committed, experienced high-quality staff.

“CK Clinical always notifies me of all the new job opportunities within my area and scope.”

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