Cancer Research UK Open Hertfordshire Manufacturing Plant

testtubes1As reported by the Financial Times, the world’s largest cancer charity, Cancer Research UK plans to set up its own £18m Biotherapeutics Development Unit at their Clare Hall site in Hertfordshire, UK.

The manufacturing plant will make experimental biotech drugs for clinical trials, its first product being an antibody designed to stimulate the patient’s immune system to fight cancer. It is hoped the plant will make five or six drugs for clinical trials in the course of one year. There is also likley to be some capacity for use of the lab by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Speaking of the new Biotherapeutics Development Unit, Heike Lentfer, head of the manufacturing unit, stated: “It’s a real boost being able to make the products that our scientists need for life-saving research into cancer – it is more cost effective and efficient, allowing us to work in a more innovative way to find exciting new treatments to beat cancer.”

Until this point, Cancer Research UK has mainly outsourced the manufacturing of biotech products such as antibodies now used in cancer treatments.

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