Cancer Research launches PlI clinical trial

As reported by Cancer Research UK, their Drug Development Office has announced that they will be running the Phase II clinical trial of an inherited breast and ovarian cancer drug.

The clinical trial will be led by The Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre, Newcastle University and The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals HHS Foundation as well as many other cancer care organisations.

The drug, which is called Rucaparib and will be taken in tablet form by outpatients with advanced breast or ovarian cancer. The new drug belongs to a class of drugs which are known as PARP inhibitors which have shown promising results so far.  These patients will take the tablet at home for 21 days and will only be required to come into hospital for check ups and tests.

The aim of the clinical trial will be to set the dosing schedule for the drug and to analyse the effectiveness of the drug for the treatment of advanced breast and ovarian cancer.

Speaking of the new drug, Professor Ruth Plummer, the trial’s chief investigator, at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, at Newcastle University, said: “We’re seeing encouraging results in women with breast or ovarian cancer treated with PARP inhibitors. It’s great news that we’re able to run a trial of this exciting drug as a tablet which will be a much more convenient and comfortable way to receive the treatment.

“Patients will be able to take a tablet at home – which will mean they can go to work or stay at home with their families, instead of spending long periods of time at hospital with the discomfort of receiving the drug through a drip.”

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