Cambridge-based Cellzome to receive €1.1m funding

As reported by Business Weekly, the Cambridge-based drug discovery company, Cellzome  is to receive   €1.1 million worth of funding from the UK government.

Cellzome is world leader in chemoproteomics with sites located in Heidelberg, Germany and Cambridge and currently employs over 100 people.

This innovative company specialise in technologies which work with native proteins in a physiological setting to discover small molecule drugs targeting protein complexes that underlie diseases. The drug discovery company will be working also has a history of collaborating with some of the top pharmaceutical companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis.

Their €1.1 million funding will go towards their EpisphereTM technology which is used to identify protein fingerprints which are predictive of potentially deleterious changes in the stem cells.  This project will be rolled out in collaboration with Pfizer (Neusentic), The University of Sheffield and Plasticell Limited.

This Cellzome’s third injection of funding which will help bolster their unique position in chemoproteomics and supports the company’s innovative approaches to drug discovery.

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