Biomarkers to See Huge Growth by 2017

Clinical development is the largest growing section of the global biomarkers market, which is expected to reach $34 billion by 2017, reports

Annual growth of over a quarter leading up to 2017 is expected in biomarker applications in clinical drug development, though the high costs of the trials hampers the overall market growth, which means smaller businesses aren’t involving themselves in the sector. Despite this, the biomarker applications sector is growing quickly, particularly as 90% of drugs fail in clinical trials.

Biomarkers allow detection of reasons drugs may fail, such as toxicity, in early stage trials which allows for significant savings in the long term. Oncology and cardiology are expected to be the two areas in which biomarkers are most extensively used as drugs fail in clinical trials more often for these therapy types. They can also be used to assess patient’s susceptibility to illness, such as the risk of a stable patient suffering coronary issues, for example a stroke.

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