BBC Launches Britains Best Laboratories Series

The BBC will be broadcasting five programmes looking into Britain’s leading laboratories. In the first episode, Professor Iain Stewart takes a trip to the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in Sutton, Surrey.
This laboratory developed from the Royal Marsden Hospital and is one of the main centres for the investigation of the genetic causes and possible treatments for cancer. A huge amount of effort has been centred around indentifying the genetic drivers for the disease and then finding a way to turn these off. The work has been spurred on by the completion of the Human Genome Project and by the information technology which has allowed researchs to sift through genetic data at an unprecendented speed.
In the first of five episodes, Professor Stewart gains insighty into new drugs which are being developed and about ho we will think differently about the nature of cancer in years to come.
The programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 31st May 2010 and will be available at the following link until 7th June 2010:
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