AstraZeneca & Assay Depot launch virtual laboratory

Pharmatimes have reported that Astra Zeneca and Assay Depot have launched a new virtual laboratory which will allow the scientist to work from a laptop.

Assay Depot can be compared to but for industry and academic drug researchers looking to tap into research services from drug discovery through to clinical trials.

It offers a single, secure, cloud-based location where researchers can compare service descriptions, view customer reviews, request quotes, place orders, track service progress and retrieve data reports.

The private virtual research laboratory developed by Assay Depot in partnership with AstraZeneca is effectively a vendor relationship-management system with easy access to a network of “thousands” of research-service providers both inside and outside the company.

Mike Snowden, the Astra Zeneca’s vice president of discovery sciences said “We look forward to assessing how the virtual laboratory platform impacts and accelerates productivity in the R&D pipeline,”


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