AstraZeneca AXANUM Approved Across EU

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have announced that their new low dose ASA, (also known as aspirin) AXANUM, has received approval across the EU and Norway.

AXANUM is recommended for preventing heart attacks or strokes in patients who need daily low dose ASA treatment and are at risk of gastric ulcers. Those who are both at risk of cardiovascular problems and are taking aspirin are at an increased risk of stomach ulcers, with gastric or intestinal problems the main reason for stopping the usage of low dose ASA. However, by stopping treatment, the risk of cardiovascular problems is vastly increased.

AstraZeneca’s new drug is designed to stop gastric ulcers from forming, meaning continuous protection is provided against heart problems and stomach issues. The EU approved the drug and it is now subjected approval and pricing in each country. Tony Zook, of AstraZeneca’s Global Commercial Organisation wants “to bring this medicine to patients as soon as possible,” by working effectively with the health authorities.

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