Anglo-Russian Pharma Collaboration has reported on a joint Anglo-Russian pharmaceutical company which is expected to create a large amount of jobs in the UK.

Combining British expertise and international capital with the funding from the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies,  the project, which was devised by Celtic Pharma in London and is called Pro Bono Bio, is the first pharmaceutical company to have clear humanitarian target’s from the outset. Pro Bono Bio has already begun marketing drugs, with a treatment for osteoarthritis already on the market and two other drugs soon to be released to combat skin disorders. A treatment for haemophilia is also in the pipeline.

The drugs will initially be marketed in Europe, with European and Russian manufacturers initially being used as sources, before two plants, one in the UK and one near Moscow, are built to make the drugs. These plants are expected to create jobs and be able to supply a global market for the company.

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