Angel Biotech to Increase Staff

Angel Biotechnology has announced a link with WH Partnerships Ltd to increase biomanufacturing facilities by up to fivefold, reports

Angel is re-commissioning a site in Newcastle Upon Tyne in conjunction with WH Partnerships, resulting in new biotech jobs and initially employing ten people. The facility is expected to be up and running early in 2012, with current activities going into preparing the site and bringing it up to operational standards. This is important, with the Newcastle site being able to conduct everything from phase I trials to manufacturing for cell therapy companies.

Angel “expects the level of interest from US companies pursuing development opportunities in the UK to continue to grow” which will hopefully mean further expansion. The company’s facility in Scotland is currently fully occupied, so the Newcastle expansion is a necessary step forward for Angel. Despite an operating loss in the first half of 2011, the company is upbeat, putting the loss down to “the phasing of revenue milestones” and an increase in staff effecting gross margin levels.

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