6 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job in 2019

There is a big difference between a job that simply pays the bills, and a fulfilling career that you are passionate about and enjoy.

According to a LinkedIn survey, sadly less than 30 percent of workers love their job, leaving many feeling like landing a dream job is simply an unattainable fantasy.

However, we believe that with the right strategy, perseverance and planning everyone can find a fulfilling career.

Here are the 6 steps to help you on your way to success, and ultimately achieve your dream job in 2019:


  1. Optimise your CV for algorithm screening

These days, when you apply for a job, algorithms are the first to check over your application. Many companies use software that scan resumes for keywords and qualifications, potentially rejecting candidates long before hiring managers can look over the application.

To make sure your CV gets noticed, optimise it by including the appropriate keywords related to the position. A good tip is to use the specific keywords that the recruiter or employer used in the job description.


  1. Build a strong network

Networking is an essential component of job hunting, and therefore an essential tool in landing your dream job. Hubspot reported that eighty-five percent of jobs are filled through networking.

To build a strong network it is important you stay proactive such as attending networking events and workshops. Alternatively, thanks to the likes of LinkedIn, you can now network from the comfort of your home by simply searching the site for contacts. If you have your eye on a specific job or industry, see if you have any related connections and reach out to them.


  1. Stay organised

Keeping track of all your job applications, networking events, job searches, and interviews can be extremely overwhelming. A survey showed that 26% of job-seekers find the process “extremely stressful”.  We have come up with a few tactical strategies to help you stay organised through your job search.

  • Get ahead of the game with search alerts, ensuring you get notifications every time job sites post a job that matches your skills and abilities.
  • Keep a spreadsheet of jobs, organisations, and deadline/completed application dates.
  • Create individual folders for each company you apply to with a customised and personalised resume, cover letter, full job descriptions, responsibilities, desired skills etc.

The best time of the year to look for jobs is during January/February, due to many feeling the need for change in the New Year. Companies predict this and therefore often start a hiring process at the start of the year.


  1. Take a few risks

Taking risks is often a necessary step in actively pursuing success in your career. Taking a risk is an opportunity to make yourself stand out and show yourself as a confident leader.  Furthermore, it can open you up to a world of possibilities you have yet to consider.

Here are a few examples of risks worth taking, whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Do it alone – Ever wanted the freedom of being your own boss? Consider becoming a contract worker? Find out more here.
  • Make a career change – Making a change for something you are more passionate about will help you feel more dedicated and motivated.
  • Take a job abroad – This will give you the chance to develop different skills such as learning a foreign language, honing social and communication skills, not to mention improve your confidence. Why not start a new job in Switzerland? Get in contact with us to find out more.


  1. Keep learning

The more qualified you are, the higher your chances of finding your ideal job.

Capitalize on your free time and every opportunity that comes your way; sign up for classes, attend seminars, and work on adding professional certifications, or even a degree to your resume. It is always a great idea to gain more knowledge, and with it will come confidence and expertise to help you excel in your career.


  1. Practice your interview techniques

Once you have landed an interview for your dream job, it is essential you make a positive first impression. A survey showed that out of 2,000 hiring managers, 33% knew whether they would hire someone in the first 90 seconds, and 50% of interviewers eliminated candidates based on the way they dressed, acted or walked through the door.

Preparation is key when planning for an interview, ensuring you sell yourself in the best possible light.

  • Analyse your CV and application form in advance
  • Ensure you have a detailed brief of the job description
  • Practice answers to most common interview questions, relating them to the company and position
  • Research the company and job description
  • Print out directions to the interview, and make sure you are on time

Securing your dream job in 2019 won’t happen by itself. This advice will hopefully give you some inspiration on where to start, and how to refine your skills and improve your employability.

Here at the CK Group we are committed to helping you find the right career path for you.Contact us today to see how we can help you land your dream job.

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